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Is your rescued mutt a curious blend of breeds? Have some theories as to what he or she is, but just can’t stand not knowing for sure? Modern science might have some answers for you. Here are three DNA testing kits to help you solve the mystery of your pup’s genetic makeup. A simple cheek swab and you’re on your way!


Embark’s DNA testing kits check for more than 350 breeds and nearly 200 health conditions. You have two kits to choose from – one that tests solely for breed and ancestry information, and another that tests for both breed identification and health issues. What sets Embark apart from other DNA testing companies is its canine relative finder, which illuminates connections to other dogs that share DNA with yours.

Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel offers two kits – and both are highly rated, reliable choices. The Essential kit tests for more than 350 breeds, types, and varieties. It also searches for more than 25 genetic conditions. The Premium test screens for more than 350 breeds and 200 genetic conditions. With Premium, you can also connect with one of Wisdom Panel’s licensed veterinarians to discuss any of the test’s health findings.

DNA My Dog

DNA My Dog is definitely overshadowed by the big boys in the industry (Embark and Wisdom Panel) but it’s nonetheless a serviceable and economical option. It might not be the best choice if you suspect your dog is some sort of exotic breed, as it tests only 96 different breeds, far fewer than Wisdom Panel and Embark.

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