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Camera set up to shoot movies in an outdoor location



While television shows and movies tend to be works of fiction, many shows and movies use real-world settings to tell their stories. Other times the locations are completely from the imaginations of the creators. And sometimes, you get a bit of both – here are three fictional places based on real world locations.

1. UP’s Paradise Falls

The Pixar animated movie UP still holds the title for the least amount of time taken bringing an audience to tears. This movie has kids and adults reaching for a tissue during the opening montage. And while much of what is seen in the animated movie is very much rooted in fiction, the destination Carl was trying to get to, the place he’d promised to take his wife to so long ago, Paradise Falls, is very much inspired by Angel Falls in Venezuela. Hit the link and get ready to be blown away. Because in this case, there ain’t nothin’ like the real thing.

The Disney Castle

If you’ve ever watched a Disney movie, then you’ve seen the opening credits that start at the top of a tower then pull out to reveal a beautiful castle. During the intro, fireworks illuminate the sky, the Disney logo appears, and we’re off to the races. Well, did you know that the castle you see in the opening is actually Snow White’s Castle from the 1938 animated movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? Yep. And now you’re probably saying to yourself, “But that’s just a fictional place based on another fictional place.” On the contrary, Snow White’s castle is actually based on Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany – one look at this place and you’ll believe witches are real and kisses have magical meanings far beyond the standard.

Friday the 13th’s Camp Crystal Lake

Arguably the most famous of the slasher movie genre, Friday the 13th may not have had its location name in the title like Nightmare on Elm Street, but that didn’t stop supernatural hockey goon Jason Vorheese becoming synonyms with his favorite hunting ground, camp Crystal Lake. And while there isn’t an undead New York Ranger Goalie running around, the movie was shot at the very real No-Be-Bo-Sco Summer Camp, which has cashed in on it’s fame by providing Friday the 13th themed tours.

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