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Hands holding the ends of a red bow on a wrapped package with other wrapped gifts surrounding it.



The holidays are quickly approaching – but if you’re in full-panic mode, fret not! Here are a few last-minute DIY gift ideas to use when you’re in a rush or on a budget.

Give the Gift of Self-Care

Shower steamers are the new bath bomb, and they’re also easier to make. Use this recipe from Hallmark Channel to create your own steamers, cheap and easy at home. After your soothing shower gems are done, package them in a Mason jar with a bow. Viola! A beautiful gift even people without a bathtub can enjoy.

Gift Grandma’s Recipes

Another unique, cheap, and quick gift you can DIY on the fly is a handwritten recipe on a cutting board. On a piece of paper, write out a favorite dessert, chili, or secret sauce recipe your friends have been dying to make. Then pick out a reasonably priced wood cutting board that would make an attractive gift. Combine them using this guide from Martha Stewart, which offers tips on how to size the recipe right and transfer it onto the wood.

The Gift of Art

Macrame is a simple and fun craft that can become a beautiful addition to any wall. Some people use intricate knotted patterns and colored yarn to create stunning designs, but that would require you to stock up on a bunch of different materials. This tutorial from Rit Dye uses one color yarn and a DIY dyeing technique to create a work of art you can gift your friends.

Dipping Gifts

Everyone loves crackers and dip. This idea uses fillable ornaments stuffed with dry-herb ingredients the recipient can use to whip up an S tier party dip whenever they want. Here are a few recipes to get you started, or create your own. Complete the gift with a box of crackers or a bag of chips.

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