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Round table-top barbecue grill surrounded by dishes with a variety of Korean foods



Korean Barbecue is having a moment. Prior to the COVID shutdown, these fun, interactive eateries were popping up by the scores in cities all over the country. Now that we are finally able to enjoy a convivial meal with friends again, Korean barbecue hits the spot as the perfect place to catch up over a hot plate and big platter of sliced meat and funky, spicy kimchi. Grab your friends and check out one of these K-Town hot spots.

Seoul Garden

Big place. Big menu. What more could you want in the Big D? Seoul Garden features real coal burning barbecue grills, giving the large range of meats a nice smoky flavor. If you want something other than barbecue, their menu covers all the Korean standards from bibimbap to stir fries to stews. Seoul Garden can accommodate a big group, so bring the whole gang. 

Korea House

Opened in 1979, Korea House was one of the first Korean restaurants in the area and has remained a community favorite. In addition to standard Korean meats and dishes, Korea House offers set menus of sushi and sashimi. Check out the chef’s specials for some less standard fare like steak tartare and raw marinated blue crab. Korean House has banquet facilities to accommodate large groups.

Sura Korean Bistro

Sura offers a full menu of a la carte Korean specialties, but people flock here mostly for the all-you-can-eat buffet. Though they raised their prices in 2021, it’s still an

incredibly reasonable meal no matter how much you eat. The set price includes standard Korean dishes in a buffet setting as well as an array of meats brought to your table to cook on the barbecue, plus all the yummy banchan sides that make Korean meals such a fun and different eating adventure.

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