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Ask any local resident what the best steakhouse in Dallas is and you are likely to get a huge range of answers. And they are all right. Dallas is known for great steakhouses. There’s one practically on every corner. The question you don’t often hear is, “What’s the best steak in Dallas?” Now that would be useful. Here’s our take on …

The Best Filet Mignon: Sevy's Grill

The beauty of filet mignon is the tender melt-in-your-mouth texture, which any decent Dallas steakhouse can produce. What the filet lacks is that super-beefy flavor that comes with a more marbled cut. Sevy’s Grill remedies that by serving it in an unctuous jus and topping it with crispy buttermilk onions. This is no boring steak on a plate.

The Best Steak the Size of Texas: Town Hearth

The 32-ounce “Battle Ax” at Town Hearth is a jaw-dropping, Instagram-worthy bone-in prime ribeye. Skip lunch and go for this hunk of prime yumminess.

The Best Wagyu Steak: Nick & Sam’s

A whole page of Nick & Sam’s menu is dedicated to Wagyu offerings, about eight in all. Information about cut, prefecture, and flavor will help you narrow down the choices. If you are going to splurge, this is the way to do it.

The Best Prime Rib: Chamberlain’s Steak & Fish

Chamberlain’s 9-ounce prime rib is coated with herbs and sea salt and roasted to pink perfection. It’s properly served with house-made au jus and horseradish cream and a side of garlic mash or cheesy grits.

The Best Cheap Cut: Knife Dallas

Knife’s bone-in ribeye is big and expensive, but then, so is everyone else’s. For a change of pace, try the satisfying 10-ounce flat iron steak for $25 or wagyu skirt for $35. You will leave satisfied, and your wallet will thank you.

The Best Wild Game: Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

For something on the more exotic side, Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse has some excellent wild game choices including Venison Chops Au Poivre, or Espresso-Crusted Elk Tenderloin.

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