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A couple looking at baked goods in an international grocery store in Dallas

Check Out International Grocery Stores in Dallas


When you want to whip up your favorite dish or try a new one, local food markets are ready to help. There are a number of amazing shops near our apartments in Dallas that offer ingredients from every corner of the globe.

World Food Warehouse

When you shop at World Food Warehouse, you will find everything that you're looking for at affordable prices. The main attraction is a selection of groceries from around the world. They have produce galore, canned goods, mixes for things like soup and falafel, spice blends, and everything else. In addition, you can pick up fresh bread, to-go prepared foods, and meat from the butcher. Customers rave about how kitchen staples like onions and produce are so inexpensive here.

Sara's Market & Bakery

A Mediterranean grocery store, Sara's Market & Bakery started in 1998 just making pita bread. Now, Sara's touts specialty grocery items and a butcher alongside its fresh bakery. Browsing the shelves, you may see beans, oils, herbs and spices, olives, and even housewares like a Turkish coffee pot.

Sara's can also do the cooking for your next dinner or event with catering offerings. For dessert, the Mixed Baklava tray can serve up to 40.

Hiep Thai Food Store

Since 1987, Hiep Thai Food Store has provided Asian foods and goods imported from various countries. Take home seasonal seafood, exotic produce like persimmons, and all kinds of grocery products. For a hearty meal, pick up a Vietnamese pho soup base, rice noodles, fresh veggies, and a meat of your choice.

Before you head out to fill your cart at an international grocery store, grab a cup of coffee. Or, if you’re looking for an apartment in Dallas, contact us today.