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Smiling woman doing a morning workout routine outdoors at a city park.



Let’s face it, we don’t always love working out. Whether you’re on a full-blown fitness journey or just like to keep healthy habits, here are a few ways to keep you going during that next workout.

1. Get Hydrated

Fatigue is a common sign of dehydration. Not having enough fluids in your cells can make you feel run down, lightheaded, and even unmotivated. So if you’re feeling generally tired or fatigued, power through a big glass of water or two prior to your workout. And if you really want to stay on top of your daily water intake, keep a bottle around you throughout the day. At minimum, try to drink at least 91 to 125 ounces of water per day.

2. Get a Fitness Tracker

Seeing progress with your fitness goals is one of the easiest ways to stay connected to your workout. Hitting that next personal record or dropping that next pound on the scale is a sure-fire way to stay motivated. Go for a Fitbit, Apple Watch, or similar product to help you better stay connected to your fitness goals and crush your next workout.

2. Get In Touch With Your Body

You know yourself best! So if a 30-minute HIIT workout feels like torture, or weightlifting for 45 minutes in a busy gym is anxiety-inducing, it’s time to get more in touch with what works for you. If you’re struggling to power through your current workout routine, don’t force it, just change it. Challenge yourself to try five different workout styles over a week, and see what you like best. Then you can start to build a steady routine around whichever workout clicks with you and your body.

4. Get Motivated With Music

There’s no denying that music moves you. No matter your style or vibe, having an awesome playlist is fuel for a seriously epic workout. And if you’re really struggling to get up and get moving, just throw on that fire playlist and fake it ʼtil you make it. Next thing you know, you’re jamming to the music and moving your body right through your workout. Start an account with Spotify or Apple Music to stream your favorite tunes.

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