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Young woman knitting beanies on her couch at Union at Carrollton Square



Winter is the perfect time to explore new hobbies, thanks to the cold weather and long nights that keep us indoors. When you put that together with a hobby that involves surrounding yourself in soft, warm yarn that you can turn into scarves and sweaters … what could be better? Here are a few more great reasons to give knitting a try!

Relieves Stress & Anxiety

Knitting is famous for its ability to lower stress. The repetitive motions create a meditative state in the mind, allowing knitters to relax and keep their focus on the project, instead of spiraling out and fixating on stressful thoughts and projections. Studies have shown that it literally reduces the heart rate. Though it may create some stress as you learn this new skill, once you get the hang of it, you’ll find yourself addicted to the vibe of this chill hobby.

Combats Depression

Winter can be a tough time of year, with many people experiencing seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and/or other types of increased depression. While knitting, repeating the same stitches over and over actually causes the body to release serotonin, a chemical that calms and uplifts the mood.

Helps Overcome Addiction

They say it’s dangerous to swap one addiction for another, but in this case, it couldn’t be safer. Yes, knitting is truly addictive. Once you pick up those needles, it’s hard to set them down again. You always want to go for one last row. This gnawing drive to complete a project can help people overcoming drugs, smoking, alcohol, and other addictions by replacing the addictive compulsion with something much healthier.

Creates Community

When you become a knitter, you join a worldwide community – one far bigger than you might imagine. Once you get into it, you’ll find yourself drawn to fiber festivals, online craft platforms (Ravelry is a great one), and local knitting groups. Even if you aren’t able to regularly participate in meet-ups, you’ll find tons of connections online, easing the feelings of isolation that can so easily creep up during the winter season.

Adds to Your Wardrobe

This one might be the best reason of all. This hobby will turn you into a fiber alchemist. You’ll start out with yarn and end up with sweaters, socks, scarves, and mittens to add to your winter wardrobe.

Ready to get started? Try this video. For more tips on growing your skillset – and your wardrobe – check out the Union at Carrollton Square blog.