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January temps in Carrollton, Texas, have us wanting to do all the things outside. And with most people wanting to get more active, hiking the trails in our own backyard is at the top of the list. Get your hiking shoes laced and pack ready to hit the trail with these great hiking spots near Carrollton, Texas.

Elm Fork Nature Preserve Trail 

A true self-contained ecosystem in its own right, the Elm Fork Nature Preserve has gone virtually undisturbed since the city of Carrollton obtained the 40 acres in 1986. Today, a pond, environmental classes, and a short trail allow for great wildlife viewing and a reason to get moving.

Carrollton Blue Trail 

If you’re looking for a peaceful, serene walk with conserved forest land on one side, look no further than the Carrollton Blue Trail. In recent years, the trail has been extended under Old Denton Road, allowing a seamless connector along the 4.25-mile trail. A trail for everyone, you’ll find hikers, bikers, pups, and kids on the Blue Trail.

Keenan Crossing Trail Park / Campion Trail

This riverside city park features a paved walking and cycling path in a beautiful, scenic setting right in the heart of town. The easily accessible trail connects to the larger Campion Trail, with plenty of walkers and cyclists enjoying the natural beauty.

Sam Houston Trail Park

While the immediate trail within the Sam Houston Trail Park comes in at just 1.3 miles, it connects to the much larger greenbelt that offers 22 miles of pathway for walking, biking, and rollerblading alongside the Elm Fork Trinity River. Go as far or as short as you’d like on this one – choose your own adventure!

The Trail at the Woods

Exactly as the name implies, The Trail at The Woods is a nice unpaved trail in the woods, and this unique walk offers beautiful views year-round. A bit of a drive outside of Carrollton (just over 20 miles), this trail is well worth the wait once you witness the raw beauty it has to offer. At one point in the hike, you’ll get a nice view of the creek, so make sure you make it far enough to peep that.

We know that getting outside offers plenty of benefits in itself — hello vitamin D, fresh air, and boost of serotonin. Hit the trails in your own neighborhood this year and you’ll rediscover why the city of Carrollton, Texas, is your home sweet home.

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