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Portrait of a young brown sports horse with a white spot on its forehead in a halter | equestrian facilities in Carrollton

Go for a Ride at These Equestrian Facilities in Carrollton

Discover New Experiences at These Equestrian Facilities in Carrollton

Horses share a special place in the hearts of Texans everywhere. Horses have worked alongside people throughout history to build civilization and offer companionship. Now, these excellent equestrian facilities in Carrollton offer you a wonderful opportunity to learn to ride, care for, and communicate with horses. Moreover, these equestrian centers are all in proximity to our luxury Carrollton apartments at Union at Carrollton Square.

North Texas Equestrian Center

North Texas Equestrian Center is a full-service equestrian center dedicated to teaching its students how to care for, ride, and communicate with horses across all levels of skill. They have taught countless students to learn to build partnerships with, have confidence in, and communicate with horses, other people, and most importantly with themselves. The North Texas Equestrian Center trains horses and riders of all ages and skill levels to thrive, succeed, and exceed their wildest dreams. 

North Dallas Equestrian Center

North Dallas Equestrians Center is devoted to offering students every facet of equine care and training for horses and riders alike. They offer riding lessons, training, summer camp, boarding, blanketing, and show training.  North Dallas Equestrian Center welcomes all levels of riders and horses and excels in teaching both horses and riders to communicate, thrive, and succeed. 

Windmill Stables

Windmill Stables is dedicated to offering a multitude of services to their clients, including riding lessons, horse leasing, boarding, and training. They provide the opportunity to learn to communicate with, ride, and care for horses. Their knowledgeable instructors will help riders of all levels to train and thrive on horseback and on the ground when handling horses.

Winston Churchill once said, "There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man." These equestrian centers in Carrollton offer students the opportunity to learn about horses and let these wonderful animals touch their hearts. As an additional bonus, these equestrian centers are all close to our luxury Carrollton apartments at Union at Carrollton Square. That means you can go for a riding lesson, work up an appetite, and still be home in time to cozy up on the couch. For more information contact us today.