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Man floating on his back in water



If you want to enjoy Texas in the summer, you’ve got to know how to beat the heat. One of the best ways to keep your cool is to take advantage of the ubiquitous swimming holes in the Dallas region. Here are some of our favorites.

Lake Ray Hubbard

This is one of the biggest lakes in North Texas, topping out at 22,000 acres. Locals find it the perfect place to head for an early morning swim. You can get in a few laps, or do a 1.5-mile loop from the shore to the sixth buoy in the no-wake zone. Just remember that it’s a beloved recreational spot for boaters, which means you’ll want to get there early if you plan on swimming.

Lake Lewisville

Even bigger than Lake Ray Hubbard, at 29,000 acres, this lake has a dedicated swimming area so you can do the breaststroke all day long. There’s a huge beach – one of the few in the area that is pure sand so you don’t have to worry about stepping on stickers and burrs – and plenty of room for all the folks who love to frequent this area. And if you get bored with swimming, explore the nearby parks and hiking trails to take full advantage of the lake.

Lake Grapevine

Even though it is centrally located in the Dallas region, making it a popular destination, locals find that this lake generally enjoys low traffic, and it hosts fewer boaters than most lakes in the area, making it ideal for swimmers. Check out the scenic cove for the perfect swimming spot.

Joe Pool Lake

This reservoir is generally recognized as a perfect place for swimming. However, it’s often recommended for those who are a little more advanced, due to the amount of lake weed in the water. On the plus side, it has a lot of shallow cove water protected from boat traffic, which makes for an ideal spot for swimmers. Just don’t walk barefoot on the beach!

Rosemeade Rainforest Aquatic Complex

There’s fun for everyone here, from water cannons to spray bars. You’ll also find a 25-meter lap pool for your swimming enjoyment.

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