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Group of people and a dog eating at a table outside.



A pet’s companionship has no rival. From always having a tail-wagging buddy by your side to being the recipient of their unconditional love, there’s just nothing quite like pet ownership. Our pets can also help bring us closer to other humans. Read on for four ways your pet can inspire social connection.

And be sure to reward your pet for all they do to support your social life with a visit to Yappy Hour at the Union at Carrollton Square office on April 12. Swing by between 3 and 6 PM to score your beloved pet a free goodie bag!

They Literally Bring Us Together

Dog parks. Nature trails. The back patio at our favorite brewpub. We take our dogs a lot of places. So do other people. That means more opportunities for humans and canines alike to make social connections.

They’re the Ultimate Icebreaker

Scared to spark up a conversation with a complete stranger? Yeah, us too. But if that complete stranger has a dog? Not so shy then, right? Pets make the ultimate icebreaker. Even science agrees. A recent study by Mars Petcare and the Human Animal Bond Research Institute found that 54 percent of people say their pets help them connect with people and 51 percent say their pet helps them feel less shy. Nothing breaks down the old inhibitions quite like the prospect of petting a cute pup.

Owning a Dog Signals a Common Interest

Dog owners have a lot in common – and common interests go a long way in building lasting friendships. Whether you’re bonding over the silliness of your like-minded Labs or the feistiness of your overly dramatic dachshunds, you’ll have some common ground to work with.

They Help You Get to Know Your Neighbors

Want to know one of the best ways to get to know your neighbors at Union at Carrollton Square? A pet. A recent survey by researchers from Harvard University, the University of Western Australia, and the WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition found that being a pet owner was one of the most common ways respondents said they met other people in their neighborhood. 

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