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Sign at the entrance to the Fort Worth Stockyards



Have you been dreaming of your next vacation? Be sure to keep your home state in mind  – after all, there are countless historic sites worth visiting. Here are some favorites – and we’ll skip the Alamo, because there’s so much more to Texas than just that.

The Historic Strand District

Everyone knows that Galveston is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Texas with its hint of Southern charm and those balmy Gulf temperatures. What many people don’t realize is that it is one of the major historic hubs in the state. Head over to The Strand, which will take you back in time to the turn of the 20th century. It’s filled with charming shops and delicious restaurants and is the perfect place to explore historic Texas. (And be sure to stop by La King’s Confectionery.)

King Ranch

Head to the Houston region to visit this quintessentially Texan ranch. Covering nearly a million acres, this is one of the biggest ranches in the entire world. You’ll not only love seeing the beauty of this expansive ranch, but you’ll enjoy its history, as well – a true American tale involving an indentured servant who ran away in order to find freedom and fortune out west. And that he did.

Fort Worth Stockyard

Just a short drive away, be sure to give the Stockyard a good exploration and learn a little bit about its history. Though you’ll find all kinds of entertainment here from concerts to rodeos, the best part about the Stockyard is its living history. Be sure to witness their twice daily longhorn cattle drives and the Legends of Texas Gunfight Shows which feature gunfight reenactments.

Deep Ellum Historic District

Another area in our backyard is this historic district, famous for its art, music, and culture. Established early in Dallas’ history as a commercial hub for Black and immigrant business owners, it now houses more than 20 historic buildings. What it’s most famous for, however, is its music scene – past and present. Its roots go back to its 1920s jazz scene, which drew musicians like Blind Willie Johnson, Alex Moore, and Bessie Smith. Thanks to its proximity, you can spend a day – or even afternoon – there, getting to know the history and enjoying the Deep Ellum culture.

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