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Beautifully crafted perfume bottle on a table in a resident apartment at Union at Carrollton Square in Carrollton, Texas



Whether you are a fragrance devotee and already know your signature scent or are new to the fragrance world and are just looking for a place to start, it can be a lot harder to find what you’re looking for in this post-COVID world. How do you discover a fragrance you love when many shops are either closed or no longer offering in-store sampling at this time? Never fear. This quick guide will help you find what you need while shopping online.

Verify the Vendor

As the saying goes, if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. Unfortunately, there are a number of disreputable online vendors who sell knockoff fragrances advertised as the real thing. Be sure to check customer reviews before you place an order. When in doubt, make your purchase directly from the source – it’s not worth saving an extra $20 only to receive a pale imitation of the genuine product. Your nose will thank you later.

Try Discovery Sets & Free Samples

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for – or just want to try a few different fragrances for the fun of it – consider ordering discovery sets. Typically offering between five to 10 scents, discovery sets can be a cost-effective way of experimenting with a number of different fragrances before making a more costly investment. Some sets include vouchers for travel-size or sometimes even full-size bottles. Additionally, a common bonus for shopping online is free samples, so if you already know one fragrance you want, you can probably snag a complimentary sample or two.

Know Your Preferences

Every fragrance has a complex set of notes. Perhaps you have always enjoyed the rich honey and chocolate aromas of gourmand fragrances. Maybe hints of rose petals get you excited and you prefer floral fragrances. If you’re not sure what categories you’re drawn to, take a look at the descriptions of fragrances you’ve enjoyed in the past. Consider what they have in common. Still not sure? Try a fragrance quiz!

Smell Good. Feel Better.

Fragrance is fantasy – and there’s nothing better than wearing a fragrance that perfectly suits your unique style and tastes. Be sure to check out our blog for more lifestyle articles and posts about local topics.