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A white air purifier in a cozy white bedroom next to a smiling pug dog.



With the start of a new season just around the corner, why not use this time to reduce air pollutants in your home? Union At Carrollton Square shares three reasons why it’s important to freshen up your space.

Why Spring Cleaning?

The tradition of spring cleaning started from a long-standing practice of heating our homes via wood-burning stoves during wintertime and sealing up all our windows and doors, trapping in soot and smoke residue. While it’s the 21st century and most of us are no longer chopping wood and warming our homes with a wood stove, we still practice keeping windows shut, cranking up our heat, and staying inside more often than we do the rest of the year (especially with recent world events).

What’s Lurking In Your Home’s Air?

Keeping doors and windows closed for months on end traps excess moisture, dust, dirt, odors, bacteria, viruses, dead skin cells, pet dander and hair, and other air pollutants – yikes! Even practicing good dusting and cleaning habits still leaves behind a layer of stale air particles to float around your space.

Better Air Quality, Better Living

With warmer temperatures and less brisk, cold weather, springtime makes it more realistic to crack open your windows for a little fresh air. To improve air quality, enough oxygen from outside needs to be brought in and circulated around each room on a regular basis. A good practice is setting a timer for at least 15 minutes with all windows (or even a few) open once per day.

Good cleaning habits can absolutely help diminish air pollutants in your home, just be mindful of the products you’re using to sanitize, polish, disinfect, or wash. You can opt to stay away from chemical-laden cleaning products and use more eco-friendly options. Another great way to reduce air pollutants in your home is through air purifiers with a HEPA filter or by cleaning your floors with a HEPA filter vacuum – here’s why!

Happy spring cleaning! When you’re ready for more in-home tips and tricks for better quality living, be sure to read our other blog posts.