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This year has been interesting and, to some extent, a boon for fitness. People have gotten creative and more efficient with their wellness routines and that’s made the fitness trends for 2020 more interesting than in year’s past. Here are our top three trends to watch for as we draw the year to a close.

Shorter Workouts at a Higher Intensity

First, the good news: Your workout is shorter. And then the bad news, the intensity just got hotter. High intensity interval training, or HIIT, are sessions that alternate between intense cardio exercise with short periods of recovery in between. The stress on your body is healthy and the benefit is that you burn a lot of calories in a short period of time because you’re working hard. Looking forward, micro-HIIT workouts are becoming more popular because they allow you to fit a workout into your on-the-go lifestyle – like 20 minutes in the gym or 7 minutes while you wait for your coffee to finish brewing.

Taking It Out-of-Doors

Elements of the great outdoors have now become our favorite pieces of workout equipment. Outdoor props like park benches for step-ups or a set of beach stairs for challenging your stamina have long been utilized as a go-to for al fresco workout sessions. But, now trainers have stepped it up a notch – using toppled logs for pushups (regular and inverse), setting up your TRX equipment using a tree branch, or relying on the whole tree trunk for handstand pushups or wall squats. Bottomline: If you let your imagination run wild, you’ll never want to head back to the gym.

Dance Like Nobody's Watching

While dance-fitness isn’t new, the dance revolution has reimagined itself in the last year to be more on-trend and on-point for today’s fitness devotees. What’s different now? Classes now focus more on technique, are themed so that learning different styles is easy, and those that are more rhythmic, with a meditative spin. You’ll still reap the benefits of a dance-focused class, like becoming more aware of how your body moves as you progress while working on your coordination and timing, as well as delivering the opportunity to burn calories and gain tone.

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