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Photo of paella for blog post at Olympus on Broadway in Carrollton, Texas



While opportunities for international travel may currently be limited, you can make a culinary escape to a tropical island paradise at Caribbean Cuba. Open daily for lunch and dinner, this casual neighborhood bistro serves fresh, authentic Cuban dishes. Located on Webb Chapel Road just off East Beltline Road, Caribbean Cuba is less than 3 miles from Olympus on Broadway in Carrollton, Texas.

So What Exactly is Cuban Food?

Cuban cuisine reflects the history, culture, and climate of this island nation 90 miles off the southern tip of Florida, blending Spanish, African, and Caribbean techniques and flavors. Think Spanish or Latin American dishes with a twist. They often incorporate tropical fruits such as plantain or guava, and root vegetables like yucca, with Caribbean spices added into the mix.


There’s a good selection of appetizers to get you started at Caribbean Cuba. Just be careful not to gobble up too many and then have no room for anything else. Or, wear pants with an elastic waistband and keep on eating! The Croquetas are a Cuban classic – a deep fried blend of creamy béchamel sauce and ham. The Papa Rellena is another favorite – fried, stuffed potato filled with seasoned ground beef. And you MUST get the Plantain Chips. They are to die for. Get them. You will not regret it. See previous remarks regarding the benefits of stretchy pants.


A Cuban restaurant lives and dies by its Cubano sandwich. Here, you’ll get a slight variation on the classic Cubano, using French rather than Cuban bread. But it’s delicious regardless, filled with tender sliced pork, ham, swiss cheese, dill pickles, and your choice of mayo or the more traditional mustard, then toasted. Served with fries, it’s large enough to leave you with tasty leftovers. There are a number of other sandwiches on the menu, but who cares? It’s all about the Cubano!


The list of entrees at Caribbean Cuba is extensive, so you may have a hard time making up your mind. The Fricase de Polla a la Orden features melt-in-your-mouth chicken thighs stewed with potatoes and peppers. The Puerco Asado or roasted pork has a rich, garlicky flavor. Both are served with rice, beans, and fried plantains. Beef lovers can’t go wrong with the Ropa Vieja – shredded beef with a rich tomato sauce and Cuban-style red and green peppers and onions. There are also a number of seafood dishes, including Paella Valenciana – slow cooked yellow rice with chicken, pork, and mixed seafood. The paella serves two and takes 90 minutes to make, so order ahead if you want it.


There are only three items on the dessert menu (probably because they know even stretch pants have their limits). There’s a Cuban-style flan that’s sweeter than a traditional Spanish flan because it’s made with evaporated and condensed milk and topped with caramel sauce. Cuban Turnovers made of puff pastry filled wit tasty guava compote and cream cheese, or the always delicious Dulce de Leche are your other two dessert options.

Hope your tastebuds enjoy their tour of Caribbean Cuba restaurant. Take a look at our blog for more dining, lifestyle, and entertainment recommendations in Carrollton.