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Two dogs asleep inside a woven blanket where the opening is shaped like a heart.



Pets do the darndest things. They sleep in the most adorable positions, cuddled up and angelic. Sometimes they fall asleep in compromising positions, sprawled out in a manner you can’t fathom is comfortable. Every dog, cat, and guinea pig has their unique personality and little things they do that make you smile.

Animals also seem to have a sixth sense when you’re trying to snap a photo of them and immediately stop being cute. Why is that? The Olympus on Broadway team came up with a few tips to help you capture those perfect moments.

Always Be Ready

The secret to great photography is quantity, not quality (Right? Yeah, that seems right). If you take 100 photos, you’re more likely to capture a good one. If they’re extra cute during playtime or when they’re napping, have your phone at the ready during those specific times. Camera app open, lighting just right … oh, and maybe pick your underwear up off the floor.

Straight Bribery

Depending on the cute pose you’re trying to get your pet to recreate, bribery is a good option. When you have a treat in hand, you can focus their attention where you need it or make sure they’re looking at the camera.

When in Doubt, Stage It

Sometimes you just have to force it. If they aren’t going to be their silliest, cutest, best boy/girl self on camera, do some extra work. Take them out to one of the trails in Carrollton for an in-action shot. Grab some props or costumes for a light torture session. It won’t be the most candid shot, but maybe your furry friend just doesn’t know they’re a break-out star waiting for their big break.

After you’ve snapped the perfect photo, share it! Send your best, cutest, silliest pet pictures to Send your photos in by April 28 for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card. The winner will be announced on April 30!

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