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Person rolling sushi on a wood cutting board.



The New Year brings new opportunities to explore. Kick the year off right with a fun cooking class to learn a new skill. Olympus on Broadway found one local event you won’t want to miss. Fans of sushi night? This one’s for you. The Sushi & Sake Party at Central Market is happening Friday, January 22, and you won’t want to miss it. 

For Beginners

Imagine your first time trying sushi. It looks amazing, smells fresh. There are adorable dollops of different sauces that create a colorful, vibrant meal. And then you discovered wasabi – and how much you should definitely not use (but do anyway). 

This cooking class will cover the basics, starting with how to perfect amazing rice. You will also learn the basic types of sushi and be shown how to prepare them. To help prevent future wasabi incidents, the course will also go over the different condiments and how to best use them to complement your rolls. And not hurt your mouth. 

For Advanced Sushi-ers

If you are already a sushi rolling pro, there is no reason not to still enjoy a night out. Bring along a nigiri enthusiast to enjoy the menu options for the evening. Other selections for the night will include cucumber maki, a spicy tuna roll, and a Seattle roll. All the ingredients will be provided, meaning no shopping. Just show up prepared for a delicious culinary experience.

Oh, and there will also be two different sake pairings to taste with the dishes. 

The Details

The Sushi & Sake party will take place at Central Market Plano on Friday, January 22, at 6:30 PM. The event has a hard stop at 8:30 PM, so they ask that everyone show up a few minutes early if they can. For more information and to purchase tickets to the event, check out their Eventbrite details page

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