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Two French bulldogs both biting a green tennis ball outside.



There’s happy hour and then there’s yappy hour, but why not have both. Here’s why you and your pup should attend for some fun in the sun.

Happy Hour is Still On

You’re outdoors, your dog is busy playing, why not indulge in happy hour while your puppers is busy sniff-greeting all the neighbors? It’s not one or the other! Olympus on Broadway will provide snacks and drinks to enjoy while the group of yapsters run around.

Make New Friends

Drinks + Puppies = Friendship. Whether you’re making new human friends or just getting to know their dogs, you’ll love getting to meet your neighbors! Learn their names, how long they’ve lived here, and swap tips on local pet stores, groomers, and dog parks around town. Get your own social on while your dog does the same.

One Tired Pup

After a day of work, you make dinner, clean up, and finally sit down to watch some primetime television. And then a nose appears in your lap with a squeaky toy. You say, “Later.” They say, “Squeak, squeak.” Before you know it, the sounds of your pup’s toy are drowning out the sounds of your favorite show. Let other dogs do the work for you. They can all tire each other out so by the time you sit down to relax, it’s quiet time.

Convinced yet? At Olympus on Broadway, we love our pet-friendly community. We’ll be planning this event from 5-6 PM, make sure to follow us on Instagram for the upcoming dates and more information!

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