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We’ve all had that exact same thought – “The free weights section is a place where only the most hardcore of gym goers train”. While we then retreat to the safe confines of the cardio machines to run, row, and step our way to a healthier body. And that’s good! There’s nothing wrong with that. But, if your goal is to look good and be healthy, here are three reasons why you should spend less time with those medieval cardio machines and sling a few free weights around. Because, like the title says: muscle matters.

Health Starts at the Weights

While you may flex and not see much in the realm of size or definition, this doesn’t change the fact that in the average adult muscles should account for up to 50–60% of a person’s body weight. Muscles also do a lot more than help you look good in front of the mirror. Muscles help circulation, posture, digestion, and protect your vital organs. Muscles also store all that carb energy needed for the brain and central nervous system. When you work out your muscles, they break down, producing amino acids, which help build even bigger better muscles to make all the other stuff we just mentioned work even better.

Defy Aging

When it comes to building muscle, age is a factor. Your overall muscle mass peaks at age 25, then you’ll begin to lose it at a steady rate. As we age, our body starts producing less muscle-building hormones and the ability to turn food into muscle diminishes. Strength training can help stave off much of your muscle loss and help keep your posture and balance so falls are less likely and recoveries from injury occur much faster. Simply put, with weight training you won’t just feel younger, in the physical sense, you will be younger.

Your Brain Benefits Too

More and more research is showing a connection between strength training and brain activity. Numerous studies have shown strength-training to be life-changing by alleviating depression. Now, truth be told, even though there are thousands of examples of strength training helping with cognitive function, scientists don’t fully understand why and how these changes occur. Regardless of the reason, the evidence is clear – a strong body equals a strong mind.

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