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Tyrannosaurus rex replica skull in front of green foliage.



Gain some new knowledge and recreate your favorite moments from the Jurassic movie franchise at Jurassic World: The Exhibition, a 20,000-square-foot experience where you can learn more about dinosaurs and witness some of them come to life. Located at a temporary structure in Grandscape, tickets are available daily through Labor Day, and doors open starting at 12 PM.

Meet Bumpy

One of the most memorable scenes in the Jurassic franchise happens in the first Jurassic Park, where the team helps a Velociraptor hatch, and dino expert Dr. Grant holds the infant reptile.

The scene is recreated in Camp Cretaceous, an animated show on Netflix following a group of children on Isla Nublar. The kids also have a chance to watch dinosaurs hatch, including one in particular, affectionately named Bumpy – an Ankylosaurus characterized by asymmetrical horns. The quirky dino befriends the kids and has become one of the most popular characters.

Jurassic World: The Exhibition will have their own baby dinosaur exhibits including a chance to see the Hammond Creation Lab and a baby dinosaur meet and greet. Take your own photo with Bumpy!

Get Up Close & Personal

Looking for a photo op with your favorite dino in the flesh? There will be a Velociraptor experience, an Indominus rex feeding event, and the Tyrannosaurus rex will be there to greet her biggest fans. On the herbivore sights, expect to see the gentle giant Brachiosaurus stomping around, along with a few others (that are slightly less cool).

Tickets Available Online

The best part is you can plan your trip ahead of time! Select the time and date you want to go, and purchase your tickets online. Tickets for certain times do sell out, but they’ll advertise if there’s only a few left for that time slot. Make sure to check out all the details at the official website.

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