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Assorted brunch plates at a restaurant near Olympus on Main in Carrolton, Texas



Brunch is more popular now than ever. If you're looking for the perfect restaurant, then read on! Our apartments in Carrollton situate you close to great restaurants that serve a delicious brunch whether you want to dine alone or with friends.


This restaurant serves traditional Canadian food in Texas. Choose from potato pancakes, classic poutine, Canadian breakfast, and fried chicken. It's a casual diner with black tables and chairs and a few booths. The portions are large with an array of flavors. With the friendly and warm atmosphere this restaurant provides, it's an ideal place to have brunch.


This café serves traditional American cuisine in a lofty setting. The water and coffee are continuously served so you'll never have an empty glass. The interior is dim-lit with high ceilings. It's cozy and the walls are painted a deep yellow while half of the walls are filled with off-white tiles. They have their own bottles of hot sauce that you can purchase. The portions of food are large and menu items include pecan pancakes, grits, omelets, chicken fried chicken, and berry crepes.


This contemporary restaurant has an airy and light atmosphere. The walls are light gray and the decor includes coffee pot art on the walls. There are a few classy chandeliers hung from the ceiling that add to the chic atmosphere. They offer freshly squeezed orange juice, eggs benedict, French toast, pancakes, and homemade biscuits and gravy. There are oranges and a juice machine near the tables so you can watch the orange juice being made, and the food will surprise you with its flavorful seasonings.

If you're specifically craving pancakes, then check out these restaurants for the best in town. To schedule a tour of our apartments in Carrollton, Texas, contact us! We'd love to show you around your new community.