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Resident learning a new language on his smartphone in his apartment home at Olympus on Main in Carrollton, Texas

Learn a Second Language With These Great Apps


Wouldn’t it be cool to learn a new language? With all the apps and online resources now available, it’s now easier than ever. Begin by thinking about what new language would benefit you most. Do you work with others who speak another language? Are you interested in traveling to a country that speaks a different language? Have you decided? Check out our guide to some of best apps currently available.


A simple, minimalist format makes Babbel a great option. Lessons are just 15 minutes, making it easy to dedicate a little time each day. Similar to an online school curriculum, the lessons are digestible and keep you interested along the way with translations, variations, and pictures.


Get a personalized learning experience with Memrise, which focuses on offering real conversational language with native speakers. Employing a variety of fun and proven memory techniques, Memrise makes it easy to naturally learn new words and phrases at your own pace.


Like Babel, Mondly’s colorful app uses short but frequent lessons. But it also uses a multifaceted approach, encouraging learners to use both their native tongue and their desired language, rather than focusing purely on the language they want to learn. It also uses gamification to add a fun element to the learning process. A chatbot element lets you put your new language skills to use, and an augmented reality function places you in a one-on-one classroom setting where you can explore language through visual cues.

Rosetta Stone

You’ve likely heard of this one before, and for good reason. The tried-and-true Rosetta Stone program has been educating students for over 30 years, and they recently upped their game with an easily accessible app. Lessons are typically 30 minutes, so it’s a little more commitment, but it offers a lot of opportunity to learn a new language fast.

We hope this guide helps you discover a new language. Buena Suerte – that means good luck in Spanish! For more way to get the most out of every day, check out the Olympus on Main blog.