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Getting back into the swing of things after a busy summer? Hoping to kick some bad habits and build some good ones? Fall is the perfect time to establish or reestablish an effective daily fitness routine, and Lux on Main has some helpful tips to get you on the right track. Enjoy the grind!

Strategize to Energize

Picture a time in your life when you were really happy with your fitness. Were you waking up every day and just winging it? Probably not! Most of us fall into daily routines that are less than ideal because we don’t take time to plan out our exercise on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The first step to building simple and effective exercises into your day is to take time for strategic planning. Ask yourself: What are my fitness goals? What type of exercises can help me achieve those goals? And think practically, too. What can you do consistently with the space and equipment you have available to you (think Lux on Main’s 24-hour wellness center!)? Depending on your goals, you might also consider adding a piece of equipment or two to help you get where you want to go.

Engrain the Habit

Once we know what we’re setting out to achieve on our fitness journey, hitting those goals is all about building exercise into our life in a way that’s sustainable for us. For some inspiration, check out the book Atomic Habits, in which author James Clear gives tons of helpful insights on habit formation. Here are some big-picture highlights.

Habit Stacking

First, there’s habit stacking. Pick an activity you already do every day, and then add to it an activity you want to do every day. For instance, if you read news on your phone for 15 minutes every morning, commit to doing a five-minute ab routine as soon as you finish checking the news.

Make It Visible

Another way to make your fitness routine stick is to use visual cues that remind you of what you need to do. Want to start every day with some heart-opening yoga? Before you go to sleep, set out your mat next to your bedroom door, so you’ll see it every morning.

Make It Easy

Finally, don’t try to do too much when you’re establishing a new exercise routine. Making it too time-consuming or too difficult will decrease your chances of staying with it for the long haul. Keep exercises simple and short – at least when you’re first getting started. Staying consistent with a short, doable routine will build up your mental and physical endurance over time. A 10-minute ab routine can eventually turn into a 15-minute ab routine and a 15-minute jog, and finally an hour-long whole-body burner.

Find Accountability

Getting the right support and accountability from our friends and loved ones can provide a helpful boost toward our fitness goals. Find some friends who want to join you on your fitness journey and check in with them regularly. Launch a group fitness challenge using an app like Strava, or start a text thread where you feel comfortable sharing regular updates. Letting people know what we’re working toward gives them a chance to encourage and support us, and it also gives us extra motivation to keep working.

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