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Very scary clown with blood splattered on the wall behind it near Lux on Main



Moxley Manor is known as one of the scariest haunted houses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In fact, it literally has a health disclaimer on its website warning people with heart conditions to pass on the experience. In addition to Moxley Manor, there are two other haunted attractions at this one location, and you’re entry fee allows you to experience all three. Besides Moxley Manor, there is also Regan’s Revenge Insane Asylum and Big Top Terror (yay, creepy clowns!). If you want the fright of your life, you definitely won’t want to miss the terrifying experiences at Moxley Manor this Halloween.

The Main Attraction

The theme of Moxley Manor is based around the Charles and Grace Moxley urban legend from the 1920s. As the story goes, the couple quickly burned through an unexpected inheritance, and then, shortly after, Charles fell ill. He was cared for by their maid, a former nurse named Lillian, and the two fell in love. This led Grace to leave the house one night in a jealous rage.

The next day, Grace’s body was found in the living room and her death was ruled a homicide – one that was never solved.

Soon after, Lillian and a fully recovered Charles married, a happy event that was followed by the shocking homicide of Charles and Grace’s son William, a second murder that also went unsolved.

Less than two years later, Charles was found murdered. This time, Lillian was charged with the crime, but she fled town, never to be seen again – alive, that is. Lillian’s ghost is said to make eerie appearances at the Moxley Manor every so often.

Regan’s Revenge Insane Asylum

This terrifying tour of an insane asylum features scenes straight out of a horror movie. Dead and tortured patients, top-notch animatronics, and doctors who might be crazier than the people they’re treating. Be careful. Those who venture into the asylum don’t always make out…

Big Top Terror

Remember Pennywise from Stephen King’s “It,” the clown who made everyone terrified of these circus performers (if they weren’t already)? Now, imagine a haunted house experience filled with them. Here, you’ll find evil clowns, murderous circus folk, and dizzying spectacles that will leave you feeling out of sorts and downright petrified.

So what do you say? Do you dare…?

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