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cat sniffs coffee cups on a table at a cat café | cat cafes near Carrollton

Find Cozy Cat Cafes Near Carrollton That Partner with Local Rescues

Meet Furry Friends at Cat Cafes Near Carrollton 

If you're looking to add a feline friend to your home or just want to cuddle with cats, head to a cat cafe. They partner with local rescues, and the cats are ready to find their forever homes. The cafes near our Carrollton apartments include:

The Charming Cat Corner 

The Charming Cat Corner is located in nearby Lewisville. It was the first of its type in the Metroplex and features whimsical rooms where the cats roam and play. Fans of Game of Thrones don't want to miss the Godswood room. Inspired by the Godswood of Winterfell, it boasts a fun nature theme complete with a custom weirwood tree. It's where you can kick back and relax while getting to know the older adult cats. The admission cost is nine dollars for 30 minutes and twelve dollars for 60 minutes. 

The Casual Cat Cafe 

Unwind and de-stress at The Casual Cat Cafe. For twelve dollars, you can enjoy one hour of cuddling and playing with the cats. They're spayed/neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations. Most are also microchipped. The adoption fee goes to the rescue or shelter of the adopted cat. In the cafe, you'll find sodas, snacks, and Keurig drinks.

The Cozy Catfe

A local fixture since 2019, The Cozy Catfe invites everyone to come and hang out with their feline friends. You'll find a fun, casual setting and can enjoy a break from the stress of daily life. The entry fee helps cover the cost of feeding and boarding, and the menu includes tasty snacks and ice-cold beverages. The Cozy Catfe is open every day but Wednesday. 

If you decide to adopt a new furry friend, check out the rest of our blog for pet-friendly tips. Finally, if you would like to call Lux on Main home, please contact us. We will gladly take you on a tour where you can see everything our Carrollton apartments have to offer.