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Beautiful pink and purple sparkly festive nails



Why not update your holiday decor with a few new elements or even an entirely new look this year? Changing up your decorations can give you a whole new perspective on the holidays and make your space feel completely fresh. These three holiday decorating ideas are a great way to liven up your celebrations and roll into 2021 in style.

Rock a Colonial-Style Wreath

Go super-retro and get crafty with a traditional wreath that features fresh or dried fruit. They say everything old is new again, so channel Colonial Williamsburg with a classic wreath the founding fathers would be proud of. Traditionally, they feature pineapples and apples (symbolizing warmth and welcome) amid greenery such as pine garland, boxwood, or magnolia leaves. But you can mix in lemons, oranges, pomegranates, pears, artichokes, cauliflower, wheat, corn husks, or even dried fruit. Build the wreath on a board with embedded nails to push the fruit onto, or wire the fruit onto a circular wreath form.

Go Modern

There’s a comforting charm to the classic holiday colors of red and green or white, gold, and silver. But you rebels out there can modernize your holiday decor by using a non-traditional color palette. Trim your tree in hot pink and teal, or go patriotic with a red, white, and blue scheme. Make it girly and fun with shades of soft pink, rose, and white, or evoke a harlequin vibe with contrasting black and white. If you’re nervous about going all-in on a wild color combo, you can tone it down by sticking to more traditional hues but working in pops of a signature color like aqua blue or purple. Go ahead – make it your own.

Flip the Script

At the end of a topsy-turvy year, why not flip your tree on its head, too? Upside-down trees have been a thing for a few years now, and they’re not going anywhere. They’re great if you don’t have a ton of floor space to park a tree or if you’re just someone who likes to think – and decorate – outside the box. Place a small inverted tree on your coffee table or dining table as a centerpiece. Or place a larger one in a corner for an eye-catching holiday focal (and talking) point. You can buy artificial trees that are designed to be displayed upside down (some are mounted on a special stand, while others are created to hang from the ceiling), or DIY it yourself with a real or faux tree.

Have fun decorating for the holidays and check out the Lux on Main blog for more great lifestyle tips.