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Plague doctor mask for blog post for Olympus on Main in Carrollton, Texas



It’s Halloween again and time to get spooky! But what will you wear? Ghoulish first responders are probably off-limits and zombies are so 2014. Time to think outside the box! Check out these five creepy costumes that might not have crossed your mind.

Murder Hornet

If you’re on a budget, maybe just throw on a yellow-and-black-striped sweater and some black slacks and carry around a big rubber novelty knife. People would totally get it!


Hear us out! In the olden days, everybody used to walk around with sheets covering their bodies, Halloween or not. But when was the last time you saw someone donning this spooky getup? It’s been a hot sec, right? Now’s the time to bring it back! Just don’t use the good sheets.

Ronald McDonald

Clowns are always scary. But they’re also a little played out. That’s the beauty of Ronald! Not only can you cash in on any lingering coulrophobia (clown fear) but you can also take advantage of people’s fear of processed, high-fat foods.

Taxidermy Head

This one is totally random! Here’s one for making yourself look like a deer-person (which is kind of creepy in and of itself). But you could also just be a human taxidermy head and that could be even creepier.

Plague Doctor

Ever seen one of these? They look like bird people. All you need is a long, dark trench coat, a fedora, and a mask. Here is an Intructable on making your own mask out of foam. You could maybe make yours a coronavirus version!

For more creepy ways to celebrate the holidays, visit the Lux on Main blog.


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