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Angry-looking cat with their paw out



Cat World Domination Day… did you know it’s a thing? Well, it is, and it’s coming up on June 24. Perhaps they will start their takeover by filling our world with funny cat memes and cute kitty videos. If that’s the case, let the cats take over. In reality, cats would make great world leaders, and here are five solid reasons why. Servants, prepare yourselves for the cat-stravaganza.

They Domesticated Themselves

Studies have shown that cats were never actually domesticated by humans. As it turns out, they domesticated themselves. Yeah, they’re that smart. And they made us think we helped them become those cute cuddle creatures that they are. Genius.

They Do What They Want

An assertive leader is one that is respected, and cats are beyond assertive in letting you know just how they feel. You didn’t give the cat what he wanted? You’ll surely get a hairball in your shoe, he’ll knock everything off of a table, and scratch up your couch. Heck, he’ll do that regardless. And in the end, you’ll fully respect him no matter what. Because you too wish that you could do what you want.

They Get Away With A Lot

Inside, outside, inside, outside. Do we pressure them to make up their mind about where they want to go? No, we stand there as their servant (that we are), leaving the door open for them to roam as they please. And let’s not even talk potty. We humans change their litter box daily, or we fear the wrath of the cat.

They Are Fearless Hunters

What happens when a cat brings a dead animal inside your home? Surely, you don’t get mad at him. You praise him for being such a fearless warrior outside of the home, staying true to his natural instincts. Deep down, cats actually feel bad for us humans that we’re not able to catch our prey like they can.

Longtime Lineage of Power

Cats rule in Egypt. Dating back to ancient times, wealthy families would dress their beloved cats in jewels and feed them royal treats. The Egyptians believed them to be magical creatures, capable of good luck to those who had them. The power of cats has held strong throughout the years.

This June 24, take Cat World Domination Day seriously and be that loyal servant to your master, the almighty cat overlord. For more cat antics and holiday fun, check out the Lux on Main blog.