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Audiophiles are lovers of high-fidelity sound. That enthusiasm generally leads to a collection of audio gadgetry in search of pure sound. If you've just joined the group, you might be wondering where to start. Here are a few things new audiophiles should know.

Audiophiles Hate Bose

When you think of mainstream headphones and audio gadgetry, you might be surprised to hear the big names are not popular among hi-fi fanatics. For example, Beats are made to add more bass to music, which means it sounds different than the musical artist intended. Audiophiles want their music to sound as true to a live performance as possible. Bose, on the other hand, puts more of a focus on marketing and lifestyle than a true hi-fi experience.

Beware of Sponsors

As you dig into the community, you'll probably check in on subreddits, YouTube creators, and Google searches. Several websites and YouTubers get paid to promote products and it can be difficult to discern at first which are authentic "reviews." Do your due diligence before taking anything as fact.

More Money Doesn't Mean Better Sound

When it comes to super-expensive headphones, you're often paying for the brand and not the audio quality. Pay attention to headphone companies that are hi-fi focused, and check out reviews from other audiophiles. Often you can find better sound without a higher price point. There are some truly cool headsets out there, including some custom earbuds from Empire.

Build Your Own

If you have an old pair of earbuds or a headset, pull those puppies apart. Better yet, purchase a kit to build your own. Understanding the different parts of a headphone will also help you understand quality. Bonus, if you ever end up with a busted pair, you can purchase spare headphone parts and repair them yourself.

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