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Flower in vase at Olympus Team Ranch, in Benbrook, Texas



As we enter the fall season, it’s time to give our surroundings a refresh. Kirkland’s not only has some of the best home decor at an affordable price, they make it easy to choose from a variety of design styles that fit every look. From your bedroom linens, to your fall tablescape, here’s a look at what to get at Kirkland’s to spruce up your home.

Linens, Window Coverings & Pillows

Kirkland’s has everything you need to make your bedroom the oasis that it deserves to be. Get cozy with a new mattress pad and topper, and invest in fresh linens and pillow shams to finish off the look. Kirkland’s has all of the bedding essentials you need to create a relaxing setting in your room. And speaking of relaxing, block out that morning sunlight with some new blackout curtain panels. These little changes can all make a big impact when it comes to your living space.


Change up the light in your space with the expansive list of light options that Kirkland’s has to offer. Maybe you’d like to add a new wall sconce next to your bed, over your nightstand. Or perhaps you’d like to create a reading nook with a modern floor light to round out the space. From lamps to pendants to chandeliers, Kirkland’s offers every style, for every budget.

Artwork & Mirrors

There’s no denying that the biggest change someone can make to their home is the simplicity of changing out or adding artwork, mirrors, or wall hangings. At Kirkland’s, the selection of wall decor ranges from framed artwork, canvas, clocks, gallery wall sets, shelves, hooks, and wall storage. Discover your style and make your home your own with some fresh wall decor from Kirkland’s.

Tableware & Kitchen Decor

Switching out your decor with the new seasons is a great way to keep things fresh throughout the year. Kirkland’s has everything you need to make a great tablescape, from table linens, chargers, and faux flower bouquets. Invest in a small bowl or vase to place on the center of the table, and change it’s contents out seasonally. Plants, flowers, even produce — like squash and pumpkins — make for a great centerpiece.

Sprucing up your home doesn’t have to take a ton of time or money. Kirkland’s makes it easy and affordable to shop for your home, with everything you need in one store. Be sure to visit our blog for more tips and lifestyle advice.