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Modern interior of gray room with wingback armchair. Background with table, lamp, and mirror.



It’s a new year, which means time to change things up! One of the best ways you can celebrate a new start is to freshen up your home. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

Create the Illusion of More Space & Light

If you want to give your home the feeling of more light and spaciousness, simply perform a few interior design tricks. Add some mirrors to your room, which both increase the interior light and also create an illusion of more space. Further, you can also get rid of some of your furniture or possessions in order to actually free up interior space. Lastly, use light colors (whites, yellows, or light gray) in your decor and keep things relatively monochromatic.

Get Some Houseplants

Plants are a great addition to a home. They create a sense of warmth and bring beautiful green tones to an interior space. They also happen to have incredible health benefits as well, including keeping the air clean, deterring illness, and boosting healing.

Change Up Your Upholstered Furniture

Our statement pieces of furniture and their accessories often get boring with their familiarity – and items like couches can’t be replaced easily or cheaply. But you can make them feel like new by making one simple change: switching up their upholstery. If you can’t afford to actually have your sofa or chairs reupholstered, simply purchase a slipcover that will give your familiar furniture a whole new spin. And don’t forget to buy new covers for your throw pillows, too. Consider making a big change with bold colors and textures (like deep jewel tones, velvet, or linen) or go neutral with soft cotton blends and muted palettes.

Create a Statement Piece

Take an old dresser or table that you already own (or find one at a local thrift store) and paint it a bold blue or sexy crimson. Make it an elegant solid piece, or give it the shabby chic treatment by roughly sanding it after you finish painting.

Do a Deep Clean

The easiest way to freshen up your space is to do a thorough cleaning. Get rid of anything you no longer want or need, clearing away the clutter. Clean the baseboards, get rid of the dust bunnies under the bed, and clean out the cupboards. This simple action makes such a difference.

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