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Resident chopping some fresh yellow peppers in his kitchen at Olympus Team Ranch in Benbrook, Texas



Hobbies are an important part of life, from playing piano to tossing a football around with friends. But if you’re looking for something bigger, wilder, and even more fun, try these Texas-inspired hobbies.

Making the Perfect Pot of Chili

Chili is the official dish of the state of Texas, which means it’s serious business. While the rest of America associates chili with beans, a true Texas chili is all about two ingredients – red meat and chili peppers. Try your hand at preparing the perfect pot of chili. Maybe you’ll decide to enter one of the many cook-offs hosted around the state – or just enjoy them as a visitor and pick up some tips from the participants.

Horseback Riding

Get in touch with your inner cowgirl or cowboy. Horseback riding not only provides excellent physical benefits, like improving core strength, but it has an effect on mental and emotional well-being as well. It helps participants release stress, challenges problem-solving skills, and builds trust. Sign up for lessons at Benbrook Stables, and when you’re ready, explore the best riding trails in Texas.

Get on the Green

Texans have been golfing since 1916. The Brackenridge Park Golf Course in San Antonio is the oldest 18-hole golf course in Texas and was the first inductee in the Texas Golf Hall of Fame. There’s no shortage of courses on which to practice your skill. Check out these locations in and near Benbrook.

Restore Pickup Trucks

Nothing says Texas like classic cars – especially pickup trucks. The ones covered with a patina of rust, WD-40, and manure are the best. Typically, these are easier to restore than classic cars, thanks to simpler designs and cheaper parts. A quick search on the internet will give you access to websites and YouTube videos to get you started on your new hobby.

Nature Photography

You know what they say about the Lone Star State – it’s big, bold, and beautiful. And not just the land, but the sky above it. Digital cameras come in a variety of price ranges, allowing everyone to try this fulfilling hobby that will make you appreciate the beauty of Texas all the more. For inspiration, check out Between Heaven and Texas, by photographer Wyman Meinzer.

For even more ideas, check out EventBrite’s Texas Hobbies page, to keep you up to date on everything that’s going on in the Lone Star State.

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