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Colorful stationery with paper clips and markers



If we’ve learned anything this past year, it’s that human connection is at our core, and we need it to survive both mentally and physically. Take up the classic hobby of penpalling, where you can safely connect with others who live in a faraway land or even right down the road! Everyone’s got a story to tell; tell yours via writing to a penpal! Invest in these four items and you will reach “best pen pal” status in no time.

Pretty Stationery

You want to make sure your stationery looks good. It’s the first impression your pen pal will have when they receive their new mail, and it can also really set the tone for the mood of the letter. Check your local stationery stores, like David Maxine Paper here in Benbrook, Texas, or online shops like Etsy and Rifle Paper Co. for the best in pretty stationery goods.

Quality Pens & Markers

Since writing is the name of the game in penpalling, grab a great set of pens, markers, and any other writing utensils that you prefer. The classic black gel pens by Paper Mate are always a solid choice. Need a little color in your letters? These Clickart Water-Based Pens come in 12 bright colors.

Envelopes & Stamps

Your must-haves in penpalling include envelopes and stamps, but why not make it fun? Give your pen pal a surprise with a pretty envelope that either you decorated yourself or bought especially for them. And when it comes to stamps, not all stamps are created equally. You’ll need both domestic and international stamps, so make sure you know where your pen pal is located beforehand.

Local Goodies You Can Send

One of the greatest gifts that comes from long-distance penpalling is being able to get an inside look at a stranger’s life, maybe even someone who lives in another country. Find a few local goodies to share with your pen pal to give them a taste of where you live. For example, tea bags from a local tea shop, stickers from your favorite brewery or restaurant, or perhaps something you’ve collected over the years.

Picking up penpalling as a hobby can be fulfilling, especially when you and your pen pal put the time and effort into it. And remember, send a letter, receive a letter – it takes two! Grab these four items and you will be on your way to being the best pen pal ever.

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