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Whether you’re in need of new date night ideas or somewhere to enjoy your favorite fare, here are four Italian restaurants to try out near Benbrook.


“When the pie hits your eye, that’s Paisano’s!” Is that not how the song goes? Well it should, because Paisano’s is one of the best places in Benbrook to grab a pizza pie. Locally owned and operated, they’ve been slinging dough and putting smiles on the faces of their customers for years. Make sure to check them out or order delivery.

Margie’s Original Italian Kitchen

Margie’s is one of Fort Worth’s oldest Italian restaurants, opening its doors in 1953. That’s almost 70 years of cooking up good food. They specialize in authentic Italian fare, and they take the extra time in the kitchen to make sure each dish is made to the best quality possible, using fresh ingredients and a little love for their customers. How sweet.

Mancuso’s Italian Ristorante

Wine, gourmet pasta dishes, and dessert. Mancuso's knows how to make every course matter. They survive on word of mouth – and taste of mouth, too! And for over 30 years, it’s been working well for them. Their focus is tradition, from the recipes to the service, you can enjoy the time-honored meals and friendly atmosphere at Mancuso’s.

La Bella Italy

La Bella Italy is a one-stop shop for whatever Italian food you’re craving. Meatball subs, calzones, pasta dishes, eggplant Parmesan – they have it all.

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