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Maybe you’re in search of a new hobby. Or maybe your weeknight dinners are starting to feel dull and tired. Whatever the case, we can all benefit from freshening up our mealtime ideas with a little help from tried and true cookbooks. We’ve discovered four cookbooks to liven up your recipe rotation. Read on to find your next fav.

The Something For Everyone Cookbook: “Half Baked Harvest”

You can find a little of everything in “Half Baked Harvest” – super healthy, super indulgent, everyday easy dinners, and weekend pastas – it’s all there! Author Tieghan Gerard crafts beautiful and delicious meals that require little effort, and few ingredients. Gerard has also released “Half Baked Harvest: Super Simple,” which offers more than 125 recipes for instant, overnight comfort foods. Sign us up.

The Comedic Cookbook: “Cravings”

Celebrity and author Chrissy Teigen gets real in her “Cravings” cookbook series, both with authentic Thai family recipes and her conversational, funny tone. Behind the scenes, Teigen has always loved to cook and create in the kitchen. After years of collecting recipes, cooking, and sharing her recipes, it was time to share with the world in the form of this hilarious cookbook. You’ll find a few favorites like John Legend’s famous fried chicken with spicy honey butter and her mom’s very own Thai classics. And one thing’s for sure, you’ll laugh your way through it.

The Instant Pot / I Don’t Have Time to Cook Cookbook: “Dinner in an Instant”

If you don’t currently own an Instant Pot or pressure cooker, the time is now to invest in one. This amazing kitchen appliance helps reduce cooking and cleaning time without sacrificing the quality of your meal. “Dinner in an Instant” by Melissa Clark offers 75 eclectic recipes, with plenty of meals that can be prepared in just 30 minutes.

The Recipes That Nourish Your Mind & Body Cookbook: “The Pretty Dish”

This one is sort of a double-whammy. “The Pretty Dish,” by author and “How Sweet Eats” food blogger Jessica Merchant houses more than 150 everyday recipes, but it also offers up themed menu ideas, party ideas, killer playlists, and inventive beauty products (homemade sugar scrubs and face masks, to name a couple). The pictures are pretty and the recipes taste amazing. What more do you need?

There you have it, food lovers. Get cooking with these four cookbooks to liven up your recipe rotation. For more tips on getting crafty in your kitchen, visit the Olympus Team Ranch blog.