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Indoor potted houseplants next to a window.



If you’re going out of town and are worried about your houseplants, fear not. We’ve got all the tips you’ll need to keep them happy and healthy while you’re gone.

Use Mulch in Your Houseplant Pots

If you’re worried about your plant drying out while you are away, you can preserve their ability to retain moisture in the soil by covering the soil with a thin layer of mulch. There are a variety of items you can use as mulch: stone, gravel, sea glass, moss, and nut shells. You might even decide to continue using a mulch covering on your houseplants after you return from your time away – many houseplants thrive with a little mulch. Just remember to check the soil before watering, as mulch can make it harder to visually discern whether or not the soil is drying out.

Try Self-Watering Pots

Self-watering pots have been trending in recent years, thanks to how effortless they make it to take care of houseplants. These typically consist of a terra cotta pot inside a glass or plastic pot. The outer pot is filled with water and the permeable inner pot will slowly and steadily absorb water, keeping the plant alive. Check out the best ten self-watering pots and planters currently on the market and give them a try.

Move Your Plant Ahead of Time

Typically, exposure to sunlight and large spaces tend to be the biggest culprits when it comes to drying a plant out. If you have your plants in front of windows in your larger living spaces, consider moving them further away from direct sunlight and into smaller, more enclosed spaces (so long as there is enough light).

Keep the Temperature Moderate

Make sure you adjust your thermostat to a moderate temperature while you are away. It doesn’t need to be as cool or warm as you might prefer while you are home, which can cause your plant to dry up in your absence.

Forgo the Fertilizer

You want to keep your plant from expending too much energy while you’re away – which means ditching the fertilizer. If you regularly feed your plants, pause your routine just before you leave. This will keep your plant growing slowly and conserving energy until you return home.

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