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A hand holds a paper cup of strawberry soft-serve ice cream, topped with colorful cereal.



With summer vibes in full swing and warmer days headed our way, what better way to cool off than with a sweet treat from one of these Murfreesboro ice cream shops?

Andy's Frozen Custard

If you’re wondering what the difference between ice cream and frozen custard is, well, we have the scoop! See what we did there? While traditional ice cream is made from a mixture of milk or cream, and sometimes a bit of both, frozen custard is made from milk and cream, plus egg yolks to give it a denser, richer consistency.

Andy's Frozen Custard does not mess around when it comes to flavorful recipes and creamy custard creations. Try their Rico Suave Jackhammer with pecans, Oreos®, and hot fudge or dive into the deliciousness that is their Ooey Gooey Concrete packed full of Heath® bar, creme caramel, and almond bits.

Marble Slab Creamery

From cakes and cupcakes to sundaes and shakes, Marble Slab Creamery has pretty much everything when it comes to desserts – and that includes a rather tasty ice cream selection. Select your size, choose your flavor, add your unlimited (that’s right, unlimited) mix-ins, and watch the magic happen right in front of your eyes! Hence the name, they use a frozen marble slab to transform your favorite ice cream flavors into a decadent treat with all the fillings.

The Soda Bar

With a modern twist on the old-fashioned soda fountain shop, The Soda Bar brings you an inside-outside counter-style setup in the Fountains at Gateway. They offer a delightful blend of specialty ice creams, craft sodas, floats, Hawaiian shaved ice, and even coffees.

Sweet CeCe's Frozen Yogurt

This self-serve dessert shop is a dream come true for frozen treats – and a local favorite. Walk in, grab a cup, pick from any one of their flavorful frozen yogurt recipes, and stack on the toppings.

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