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Selection of vegetarian dishes at Olympus Hillwood in Murfreesboro, Tennessee



Tenure Ceramics is Nashville's antidote to mass produced tableware. These wheel-thrown ceramic dishes crafted by studio artist John Donovan are gorgeous, and they may even change your life!

After years of designing figurative ceramic fine art and teaching at Middle Tennessee State University, Donovan designed his first line of dishes for Nashville's famous City House restaurant, where his wife Lisa happens to be the resident pastry chef. As word of mouth spread, he accepted more commissions, and launched Tenure Ceramics in 2015. Today, you can contact him for custom orders or shop his current line. We won't go into the scientific details, but wheel-throwing makes these dishes as durable as they are beautiful. A place setting costs about $180, but think of what it can do for you:

Elevate Your Look

With all due respect, it may be time to take a look at what's in your kitchen cabinets. Buying nice stuff for your home is a clear sign you're adulting. Maybe you borrowed your first dishes from your college cafeteria, and gradually worked your way up to buying a set at a big box store. The next logical step is treating yourself to something special that you can use for years.

Eat Healthier

Do you really want to dump a bucket of fried chicken into your new satin black serving bowl? You'll probably start eating healthier, learning new recipes, and planning multiple courses with fresh, organic, local ingredients.

Entertain more

It would be a shame to keep all these good things to yourself. You're going to want to invite friends over to share your table and your food.

Whether you invest in one signature piece or purchase a whole collection, these dishes will look fabulous in your gourmet kitchen at Olympus Hillwood. Contact us today to learn more about our sophisticated apartments in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.