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Friends toasting with several beers at Olympus Hillwood in Murfreesboro, Tennessee



Nashville is home to an array of music, history, and culinary culture. Around every street and over every building, there is a new secret waiting to be discovered. Our Olympus Hillwood community is only a short drive away from Marathon Village, an old building bringing in the new Nashville culture. Inside this historical landmark, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Marathon Motor Works

Originally, this building was used as an automobile manufacturing company between the years of 1910-1914 for Marathon Motor Works. Even though it has been over a century since the company has been out of service, a lasting impression of the work has been left for visitors to discover. Make sure you take the opportunity to schedule a tour and learn about the rise and fall of the manufacturer that took Nashville by storm.

Corsair Brewstillery Taproom & Tasting Room

Whether you are wanting to learn about the beginning of the brewstillery or indulge yourself in their product, Corsair has it all. Being a brewstillery, they create not only beers but also liquors such as gin, whisky, and vodka. You have the option of either spending an intimate moment in the tap room with one of their refreshing beers or taking a tour of the distillery that ends with a tasting of their beautifully bottled liquor. Not only is their product award-winning, their label has an intriguing, humorous story that has captured the hearts of many.

Grinder's Switch Winery

Being a local winery in Nashville, this Grinder's Switch location is a great stop in your quest of tours through Marathon Village. Unfortunately, there isn't a vineyard to walk around, but your taste buds can discover a flavor of their own. Open every day of the week, you can spend your time with a public tasting or even reserve to have a private tasting for a group outing.

Shopping & Eateries

Marathon Village offers more than history and beverages; there are restaurants, a coffee shop, plenty of shopping stores, and even a hair salon. Mark a day off your calendar to discover this historical landmark!

Olympus Hillwood is around the corner from a city filled with history. For more information on things to do around Nashville or to take a tour of our community, please contact us today.