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Father and son enjoying exhibits at the Tennessee State Museum near Olympus Hillwood in Murfreesboro, Tennessee



Nestled in nearby Nashville is a destination that depicts the state's history.

We're talking about the Tennessee State Museum, and it was established in 1937 by the General Assembly to showcase mementos from World War I and other collections.

The museum was originally located in the War Memorial Building and was moved to the James Polk Center in 1981.

It spans three floors, and its collection of uniforms, weapons, and battle flags from the Civil War is one of the largest in the United States.

There are a variety of exhibits to explore, and those permanently on display include:


Step into a frontier cabin to learn about life in Tennessee from the Spanish conquistadors to the first white settlers. Highlights include a dugout canoe, Conestoga wagon, and a working printing press that demonstrates the skills of the state's early craftspeople.

The Age of Jackson

Andrew Jackson played a crucial role in Tennessee's development and was the first president to come from the land west of the old seaboard colonies. According to the museum, it was at a time when the government started listening to "average citizens." Many state constitutions were changed, and politicians now had to count their votes. This exhibit also features displays on Sam Houston and President James K. Polk, and notable artifacts include a standard cavalry bugle, English-made flintlock dueling pistols, and Andrew Jackson's leather wallet.


The Antebellum period spanned between 1840 and 1860, and for many Tennessee residents, it was a time of prosperity. During this time, cities and towns became thriving trade centers, and railroads and steamboats brought people closer together. Display highlights include quilts, firearms, and Tennessee-made silver.

The Tennessee State Museum is just one of the cultural attractions near our apartments in Murfreesboro. If you would like to call our community home, please contact us to schedule a tour.