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A woman holding a cellphone while taking a shot of her food from directly above.



Are you interested in learning all about the art of photography? This quick go-to guide from Olympus Hillwood will teach you the basics of taking compelling and interesting photos. And keep reading to get the scoop on our Photo Art Contest happening at the end of this month.


Your Camera

When it comes to taking great photos, the device you use is important. The newer your device is, the better the chances are that it’s equipped with high-quality camera features. But whether you’re using the latest iPhone or a Canon point-and-shoot camera, the next tips on this list are where it really counts when it comes to taking a great photo.

Composition Matters

What are you taking a shot of? From city landscapes, natural scenery, and food to people and pets, composing compelling shots is where you need to focus your energy. While you could take some epic shots of a grassy field, this type of photo doesn’t really draw someone's attention. When it comes to composition, think of the story your photo is telling the viewer – is it engaging, exciting, or intriguing?

All About the Angle

Contrasting angles are your go-to when snapping photos. Try to angle your camera from a high above position or depending on what you’re shooting, the angle could look cool from a lower viewpoint too. For example: When taking photographs of people, the most flattering angles are from slightly higher above to capture their features, expressions, and figures. The same goes for shots of food: typically the higher above, the better. Whereas photos of statues, architecture, or animals could look really awesome with a shot from a low angle.


Once you’ve snapped your image, the editing process can take your composition up a notch (or several)! And while we could write an entire blog post about the editing process, check out this awesome photo editing basics article from outdoor and recreation retailer, REI, to see how you can really amp up your images. If you’re using a smartphone, you can easily use an app, or your camera roll will allow editing straight from the device. When using a traditional camera, you’ll need to download the image onto your computer and use editing software.

With this handy guide, you’re well on your way to some insanely cool photo ops! Be sure to post your images on Instagram during the month of January and tag Olympus Hillwood for a chance to win a gift card! We will cast a vote at the end of the month for the winner of our Photo Art contest.Looking for more hobby inspiration? Make your way over to read our other blog posts today!