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Woman wearing a lilac dress striking a pose in front of a light green background.



This soft shade of purple is a great way to add a refreshing update to your wardrobe. There are lots of ways to style it for summer months, and even to work it into your autumn lineup. Here are some tips on how to incorporate this lovely hue into your wardrobe.

Give It a Sporty Spin

Lilac was made for the warm, sweet days of summer - it celebrates the light and breezy quality of the season. Take it in a fun direction by making it sporty. It’s a great option for women’s chino shorts, or men’s polo shirts.

Make It Romantic

When you think of soft, romantic looks, lilac is a natural color choice. Try a breezy skirt in this soft hue. And men, you’ll be surprised by how sophisticated yet charming a lilac blazer can look, whether you’re dressing up for work, or a special date night.

Mix It Up

While an outfit of all neutral colors can look great (think head-to-toe white, black, or camel), lilac is best mixed with other colors and/or patterns. If you’re going for simplicity or a more sophisticated look, pair it with black or white. It can be a great mix with khaki pants or denim. And don’t forget to work in a fun pattern or two that incorporates colors that complement lilac well: sea green, spring green, light pink, and dark purple. And if you want something crisp and classy, pair it with dove gray – this is a great unisex color combination that can make any outfit pop.


Lilac is an often overlooked color when it comes to accessories, which is too bad because a little pop of lilac can enhance any outfit. Try a lilac purse, scarf, a unisex lilac fedora, or lilac gloves to transition you into autumn. You can also find a variety of neckties and men’s socks in this fun shade to add some oomph to your workday look.

Get Cozy

Pick up a lilac sweater as a focal piece of your autumn wardrobe. Try the J. Crew women’s Margot crewneck sweater in Vintage Lilac or the Brooks Brothers men’s cotton-cashmere-silk crewneck in Lilac.

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