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Woman holding a spatula over vegetables on a barbecue grill while smiling.



Barbecue season is here, promising plenty of get-togethers, good food, and outdoor fun. A lot of people operate the grill in one mode, super done with a side of char. If you are looking to perfect the art of grilling, here are five tips for tastier food. 

Meat Matters

The best way to create better tasting food is to start with quality ingredients. Frozen hamburger patties and hot dogs don’t require a lot of skill, but they also aren’t going to be show-stoppers. One way to spruce up a burger is to use fresh ground beef and make your own patties with a burger press. You can mix in your own seasonings or add some cheese in the center for a mouthwatering good time.

The Right Seasoning

The key to a successful griller is finding the right way to complement the meat with out-of-this-world seasonings. Try a hand at making your own barbecue spice rub or seasoning salt. Unique seasonings will set your food apart from the rest!

Know Your Temps

One major mistake novice grillers make is helicopter grilling where they constantly check on the food and repeatedly flip it. A baker doesn’t open the oven every 30 seconds. Like an oven, a grill loses heat every time you lift up the lid – or leave it open. Instead, keep an eye on the temp gauge on the exterior of the grill lid. The food will cook faster and more evenly by timing when you check and flip the food. Use your phone or a meat thermometer that comes with a built-in timer.


There are a lot of barbecue accessories that can up your grill game. And no, we don’t mean a “Kiss the Cook” apron. Upgrade your ancient thermometer, invest in a good chef’s knife, and find other cooking accessories that will help your meat cook better – like a beer can chicken stand or a veggie basket.


Much like anything else, you have to live it to learn it. If you work on perfecting your grill skills frequently, you’ll gain a better sense for what you’re doing and learn what methods and seasonings make for a flawless barbecued meal. Now that it’s summer, why not barbecue every night? For science!

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