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French press on a wood table with a mug and coffee beans.



Coffee is more than a beverage. It’s a passion. Every coffee enthusiast has their rituals, their mug collection, and their mug overflow collection. Here are a few more drinkware options to stir up your morning cup or your hourly fix.

The Ember Mug & Travel Mug

One of the most stylish innovations in drinkware is the self-heating mug from Ember. This smart cup sits on a charging station, and when you’re ready to pour, it will keep your cup of coffee at your desired temperature all day. Previous generations involved a temperature coaster that you would have to set your mug on. The Ember’s current technology allows you to carry the cup around all day and never set it down. It connects to an app on your phone, so you can choose the perfect temp. Heading out the door? They also have a battery-powered travel mug to take your coffee with you.

The No-Spill Mug

Coffee lovers tend to end up with coffee-stained blankets, sweaters, and notebooks. Spills happen, but they don’t have to. The Mighty Mug was designed for the less-than-graceful hours before the caffeine kicks in. A Smartgrip base gives the cup a sturdy footprint that won’t tilt or get knocked over. It’s the perfect gift for the clutz in your life.

The Lego Mug

The Build-On Brick mug is an excellent option for creative coffee drinkers. It features pegs that are compatible with lego bricks so you can design during downtime or build up some inspiration. DIY your mug – every day!

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