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Man sticking his head outside of a moving train, surrounded by forest.



On May 10, 1869, the last track was laid to complete the United States’ first Transcontinental Railroad. A century and a half later, trains are still an important part of our country's infrastructure and one of the best ways to see the USA. If you’ve been thinking about taking a trip across this great nation of ours, here are three reasons why you should tour America on the world's first form of land-based mass transit.    

The Scenic Route

Though we tend to see train tracks laid across most major cities or running parallel to major highways, many train trips take you off the beaten path, offering up breathtaking views of the United States that you won’t see on any road trip. 

Make a Vacation Packages  

Why go halfway around the world when there’s so much here to explore? Through Amtrak Vacations, you can plan your cross-country tour to include overnight stays in major cities, discounts on tourist destinations and hotels, and so much more.

Travel In Luxury

Getting a private room on a train is like traveling in a hotel suite! Complimentary meal service, WiFi, a bathroom with a shower, and complimentary lounge access at major stations are just some of the amenities you’ll experience. 

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