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Albuquerque is home to a thriving food truck scene that spans culinary traditions. From grilled cheese and bahn mi to wonton nachos and pulled pork sandwiches, the right food truck to satisfy your cravings is parked somewhere in Albuquerque.

Keep on trucking with this list of four food trucks worth following in Albuquerque, NM.

Gedunk Food Truck

The owner at Gedunk Food Truck went from serving our country in the Navy to serving what he has dubbed "blue collar gourmet" to the good folks of Albuquerque. Well known for its gourmet mac and cheese topped with barbeque brisket, the Gedunk Food Truck is usually only out for lunch just a few days each week.

Cheesy Street

Dishing out creative takes on the classic grilled cheese sandwich, the Cheesy Street food truck more than lives up to its name. An innovative menu featuring clever sandwiches like the "Almosty Cristo" aka Cheesy Street's version of the Monte Cristo and the jalapeno popper, it's no wonder this food truck is an Albuquerque fan favorite! It even has vegan options!

Nomad's BBQ

You don't have to wander far for a protein-packed sandwich – just look for Nomad's BBQ where they specialize in smoked meat sandwiches. Pulled pork, hot links, chicken, rib tips and turkey legs are all on the menu and are served on six-inch hoagie rolls with as much (or as little) barbecue sauce as you want!

The Supper Truck

It's supper time! The Supper Truck is serving up a southern fusion menu featuring creative and crave-worthy items like fried chicken bahn mi (a Vietnamese street food sandwich) and Vietnamese beef and grits. Original owner Amy Black was so inspired by the South Carolina food truck scene that she decided to bring a taste of the south to Albuquerque. These days, new owner-operators Kris Galegor and Claude Freeman keep Amy's dream of fast southern fusion food alive.

Albuquerque's thriving culinary scene makes it easy to love this city. Olympus Solaire's convenient proximity to the best of Albuquerque makes it easy to love where you live. Contact us today to schedule a private tour of our vibrant community!