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Thanks to its endless blue skies and stunning desert scenery, New Mexico is a favorite film location in the movie business, whether it’s for a period piece set in the old west or a modern adventure. Here are a few flicks to check out that feature Albuquerque locations.


This Hugh Jackman film, which follows his X-Men character Wolverine on his last adventure, was filmed partly in and near Rio Rancho. It’s known as one of the most well-executed superhero movies that’s ever been made – one that adults can truly appreciate. In a world without mutants, the last few standing, Logan and Professor Xavier, find themselves the guardians of a mysterious little girl who they must get to the Canadian border before a dangerous gang of men find her. Some have called this movie the ultimate “superhero road trip” flick.

“Army of the Dead”

One of 2021’s biggest hits, this Zach Snyder film starring Dave Bautista and Tig Notaro, was mostly filmed in Albuquerque and Atlantic City. After Las Vegas is infected by zombies, destroying the city, a casino owner pays a mercenary to retrieve the money from his vault before the city is destroyed by a tactical nuclear strike. Upon facing the zombies that live there, he and his team discover that they might be in over their heads.

“We’re the Millers”

This 2013 comedy was largely filmed in New Mexico and North Carolina. It’s a crude but delightful movie about a slightly incompetent drug dealer who hires a stripper and two teenagers to pose as his family members in order to get out of a bind. His supplier forces him to make a run to Mexico to pick up more marijuana as a payback for his debt, and the only way to escape the notice of authorities is to keep up the ruse of a happy family – which isn’t easy considering the baggage each person brings to the table.

“No Country for Old Men”

This film is perhaps the most famous modern movie that was filmed in Albuquerque and other locations in New Mexico. Released in 2007, this story follows three men: a Vietnam veteran who stumbles upon a large sum of money, a hitman who is tasked with retrieving that money, and a local sheriff investigating the crime scene where the money was found. This movie was lauded for its script and “landscape-based Western classism.”

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