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Woman sitting on a couch next to a plate filled with various desserts, holding a mug and taking a bite out of a dessert.



If you’re anything like us after Valentine’s Day, you’ve already eaten your entire box of chocolates, anything else sweet in the house, and maybe even a couple of the roses. And now you need another way to satisfy that ravenous sweet tooth. Well, we’re 100% here for you. Check out what we do when overindulging is the only thing on the menu. 

Fill Up on Ice Cream

We think I Scream Ice Cream is the way to go. Ice cream isn’t exactly another box of chocolates, but chocolate is an option – whether it’s the base, the topping, or both. Ice cream is great because it’s so easy to put away. You can drown any type of feeling in this stuff, replacing it with momentary bliss followed by all-night guilt. I Scream Ice Cream is currently open for takeout only. Which is perfect because the best place to eat ice cream is on your couch. Or in bed. 

Gorge Out on Baked Goods

Cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, oh my! (And pastries!) Whatever your sweet tooth is aching for, ABC Cake Shop & Bakery has got you covered. Cupcakes caught your eye? They have a minimum order size of two dozen. You can do this! 

Eat a Dozen Cookies

You cravin’ cookies? Head to Cravin’ Cookies … and More! to get your fix. With everything from lemon macaroons to chocolate topped peanut butter to oatmeal no-bakes, chocolate chips of all varieties, and several different shortbreads, Cravin’ Cookies … and More! will leave you craving nothing. Except maybe a glass of milk and a goodnight’s sleep. 

Go For Broke

Saratori's Pastry Shop is the real deal. They’ve got cookies, of course. But they also do homemade truffles, by the boxful. Individual Italian desserts in a little glass cup, like classic coppa mascarpone, creme brulee, and chocolate mousse. And even “luscious strawberries dipped in fine chocolate.” There are also a variety of pastries available that you can order a la carte. Grab a few of these and a dozen cupcakes or cookies, and call it a night! 

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